Wholesale Datora

Our interconnection with the majors Brazilian and International carriers is one of our unique features. Only one of the largest wholesale companies of voice traffic in Brazil can offer this advantage to your company.

Tailored connection between you and the world.

Get the best traffic, at the best price.


Flexibility – Inbound Interconnection via traditional technologies

Datora Telecom adapts its solutions to each customer, facilitating integration, and prioritizing quality.

  • Voice transport for Licensed Operators. Fast and direct contact with all operators.
  • Guaranteed competitive prices in Brazil and worldwide.
  • ISDN, R2 or SS7 and VoIP interconnection using H.323 and SIP protocols.

Highly Scalable Systems

Datora Telecom maintains state-of-the-art platforms so our business partners
can offer the most varied services and features, such as:

Credit Control



Resellers Channel

Always mindful to new business models and opportunities,
Datora Telecom is ready to be your partner in any new enterprise.

Datora Telecom Premium Network

Quality in minutes is a differential!

System with network core based on IP/VoIP, integrated with all major national and international mobile and landline service operators.


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