Datora Group is recognized for its pioneering and innovative spirit among the major telecom operators in Brazil and around the world.

On a continual search for the best solutions, we offer the leading technologies of the market to our costumers, enabling them to achieve greater results.


Datora Telecom has built a solid and robust history, with vast experience and great outcomes in the national and international telecommunication market.

Datora begins its journey offering training and computing courses for people of all ages.

Datora carries out the 1st VoIP operation in Latin America

Datora becomes the pioneer in content distribution using streaming media technology.

Anatel (Brazil National Telecommunications Agency) grants STFC (Service of Commuted Fixed Telephony) authorization to Datora Telecom

Opening of a new office in Spain.

Opening of a new office in Miami.

Authorization granted for the creation of the two firsts MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

Creation of the 1st white label MVNO company through Datora Mobile platform

1st Core of virtualized MVNO in Brazil

Launch of the group’s new brand ARQIA, on the mobile market.

Opening of a new office at Silicon Valley.

Mission, Vision and Values


Bring people and companies closer through innovative communication services, generating value to employees, customers, shareholders, and society.


To be a high-quality multimedia communications company with an innovative and global presence, widely recognized among the most profitable company in the industry.


  • Customer-driven;
  • Internal and external relationship grounded in Ethics and transparency;
  • Emphasis on product quality and customer service;
  • Permanent technological innovation;
  • High profitability;
  • Social responsibility.


Our structure is designed to grant fast and exceptional services to our clients. Our streamlined offices are strategically located to offer promptly support to our employees and customers.

We value collaborative environments and workspaces that promote the integration and the well-being of our collaborators. Our structure promotes the ample use of all technologies available to our business.

Datora Tabapuã

Our office, located in Tabapuã street in São Paulo, is dedicated to the Management, HR, IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Tax, and Accounting services, in a facility of approximately 3200 sq. ft. The office was designed to encourage the sharing of ideas and information among collaborators.

Datora JK

In our office located at Juscelino Kubitschek Av, an important avenue in São Paulo, one can find the NOC 1, NOC 2, Operations, Sales, Engineering, and Logistics services, among others. With approximately 6400 sq. ft, it accommodates our own Datacenter. The modern environment, associated with the high-tech structure, allows great productivity and integration among our collaborators.


Soundness, competence, and business acumen in decision making that transforms the future of the telecommunication market. Meet the professionals who are members of the Board of Directors of Datora Group.


150 Employees

25 years of experience

5 countries

12 Brazilian cities

24-hours service


Find out about Datora’s new brand developed to offer greater solutions to your company:


Arqia was born from the desire to put M2M and IoT solutions at the core of every company. We create secure and flexible connections to integrate the latest technology with everything around us.

See how we can bring the future of connectivity to your business!

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