Datora 0800

Datora 0800 serves the Brazilian and the International markets redirecting receivers charged calls, originated from landline or mobile terminals.


You earn a lot. Your client earns a lot too.

With Datora 0800, your client can improve his customer relations increasing loyalty and boosting sales.

In a single Datora service, you gain considerable advantages:

  • The contact between your client and his end user becomes more convenient, independently of their location.
  • Your sales and support team get stronger and you increase your customer’s loyalty.
  • It strengthens the company’s image.
  • You get several management reports.

Your 0800 smarter

Datora offers a wide range of additional services for you to customize your service and enhance your business performance.

  • Call limitation (by traffic type).
  • Password access.
  • Reports.
  • Change in configuration.
  • Custom Messages.
  • Area coverage restriction.
  • Call origination selection.
  • Alternative routing.
  • Re-routing..
  • Messages preparation.
  • Navigation messages.
  • Distribution of calls.
  • Booking.

0800 Datora

Redirecting a phone call originated from any landline or mobile, where the receiver is charged for the call.

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